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    站点首页 / WikiHelp


    Zoho Wiki - Overview

    Zoho Wiki is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create your own wiki with its own pages and sub-pages. Its user-friendly interface allows you to draw on your creativity to build a mini website of sorts complete with pictures and multi-media snippets.

    Create your very own space on the web with Zoho Wiki. It’s where you can put down your stories, your ideas, your thoughts and even your images & pictures. It’s where you get to call the shots. It’s where you are the boss. But that’s not all: it responds to the basic human need to connect with others - share your wiki with others, allow them to work on it and enjoy the joys of collaboration.

    Zoho Wiki is a great place to create any kind of groups like classrooms, families, sports teams, activity groups, book clubs, travelogue, intranet sites, product help documentation, project management, personal profile, company events and newsletters etc.

    For those of you who think you’re treading on unsure territory, allow us to run you through the basics of how to use Zoho Wiki.





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